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Cold Sore Cure – Discover Cold Sores Natural Remedies

Cold sores can be a big problem, especially if the condition is chronic. Chronic cold sores are more than an annoyance. In most instances, it is a real health problem. Aside from being embarrassing, cold sores can be really, really painful. Thus, it is important to find a cold sore cure.

Anyone who has experienced having a cold sore knows how unpleasant it can be. The worst thing about cold sores is that they seem to pop up at the most inappropriate of time like when you have a big date, a major presentation or before you go on a long vacation. This is why an effective and lasting cold sore cure is greatly in demand.

Why do cold sores pop out during important moments? The answer is simple. It is because stress can cause cold sores. Important moments like weddings or office presentations can cause a lot of stress in a person's life. When a person is stressed his immunity level is decreased. This makes him more susceptible to diseases and infections. Another cause of cold sores is overexposure to sunlight, fevers and other illnesses and eating too many sweets like candies.

Cold sores usually appear on the outside of the mouth. This is what differentiates it from canker sores which appear in the inside of the mouth cavity. It is only during rare times that cold sores will appear on the inside. Another difference between cold sores and canker sores is that the former is caused by a virus while the latter is caused by bacteria.

Individuals with cold sores must remember that it is extremely contagious. If you have cold sores it would be best to find an effective cold sore cure at once. Refrain from kissing and sharing your toothbrush or drinking glass and cup to another person.

Cold sores do not have a fixed lifespan but some can last up to two weeks. This happens when treatment or cold sore cure is not made available at the onset of the disease. When immediate cold sore cure is given, it would only take a matter of days before cold sores are healed. So when you start feeling that there is some pain and discomfort, then immediately do something about it and find an effective cold sore cure.

There are many commercial cold sore cures available but most of them do not work or work only for a short time. What's worse is that most of these cures have harmful side effects. Not to mention that they can be really hard on the budget. Because of these reasons, more and more individuals who suffer from cold sores are turning to cold sores natural remedies.

What turns people to cold sores natural remedies is the fact that they are safe and effective and are often cheap. What makes cold sores natural remedies effective is the fact that they attack the infection from both the inside and the outside. This makes healing cold sores faster. Commercial products on the other hand, simply treat cold sores from the surface.

Probably the most common and affordable cold sore cure is putting ice on it. By applying ice on the area for at least five minutes will greatly minimize soreness. However, ice alone will not get rid of the virus which is the root cause of the disease. And ice as a cold sore cure is only effective when cold sores are just on the early stage.

Cold sore natural remedies include lemon balm, tea tree oil, Echinacea and tea bag (applied directly to cold sores). These cold sore cures are known to have antiviral qualities.

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